Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the magic of friendship :)

theme picture mungkin ? bhahahhahaha

aku suka letak gambar ni :)
* saja nak tunjuk kan kasih sygg , bhahahahah :)

we come to the world knowing nothing ,
grew up in different environments ,
various places and different styles ,
but we come one in the name of friendship 

* demi kasih sygg , ktorg tggu fiera wan kt depan pintu pagar :)

suddenly we feel the magic floating in us ,
when friendship conquered our soul ,
nothing seems so beautiful ,
when friends become one 

* oke , ini simbol kasih syg jugak :)

they are here to guide us ,
to love us with tender care ,
to be with us every endless moment ,
to share the sense of joy and dull 

and share the food too :) bhahahhahhaha .

beautiful friendship never ends ,
because there always a jingle around us ,
to strengthen our blessed bond ,
 friendship is a mutual understanding 
it comes upon within you and shines upon you .

superb awesome things about these two girls :)

new friends will come ,
but old friends never seems to be forgotten ,
because friends are special creation of Allah ,
that can never fade ,
and it gets all the way ,
to an endless path

yang pasti , itu bukan ketinggian sebenar akif :)

kain lap tergantung menjadi background :)

di saat ini , kau perlu take note semua phone number . itu pasti :)

jangan tunjuk muka menawan , aku tahu kau lapar

aku tak tahu apa kena dgn kaki kau yg comel :) 

and the finally ,,,,

gambar ni akan aku copy berkali kali :)

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